Sibley-Miller Surveying and Planning, Inc.

Residential Land Surveying Services

Let Sibley-Miller Surveying & Planning help you get started in the right direction on your residential project. Whether you are installing a fence, building an addition, landscaping, installing a pool, building a detached garage, etc we are your One-Stop Company.

Depending on the county, city or HOA, there may be a specific type of survey required for your project. If you are doing the project yourself or hiring a general contractor we can supply you with the correct type of survey.

Here is a partial list of some Residential Land Surveying, Land planning and Design Services we offer:
  • Boundary Survey
  • Site Plan
  • Re-Zoning Plan
  • Variance Plan
  • House Location Plan and Drainage Plan Formboard/Fountation Survey
  • Mortgage Survey
  • Locating Property Corners and Staking Property Lines Elevation Certificate
  • FEMA Flood Certificate
  • LOMA Certificate
  • Subdividing Plat (lot dividing or adding)

Residential Boundary

Residential Site Plan

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